To start you want to get the eastern backhand grip. (place the index finger of your hitting hand on the top flat bevel). One reason why I recommend this grip is because it places the palm of your hand pushing out onto the ball. If you were to use an eastern forehand grip you will end up pulling the racket, and you lose a lot of strength. It may not seem very comfortable using the eastern backhand grip, and backhands aren’t the most comfortable shot to get used to starting out. I recommend you try and use the eastern backhand grip as early as possible.

Step one: start with your racket up and your feet shoulder length apart. (The ready position.) Place the none hitting hand on the throat of the racket. Then turn and take your racket back.  So your toes are now pointing to the side fence, and your inside foot/leg is behind the oncoming ball path.

Step two: Step toward the ball.

Step three: Reach out and contact the ball as early as you can in front of you.

Step four: Extend your arm up to follow through.

One thing to note, there is no rotation with the single-handed backhand. So you stay side on to the net as you hit the ball.Just to summaries: start with your racket up. Pivot and turn, step, contact, and follow through. After you have looked at the video tip of the one handed backhand, I recommend you also have a look at the two handed backhand, and the video coaching tip on the pros and cons of the one, verse the two handed backhand. Thanks for watching this video tip on the one handed backhand. Please email me with your questions.