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The backhand swing volley is just like hitting a regular groundstroke. The only differences are firstly; the ball doesn’t bounce, and secondly; you take the ball out of the air like a volley.

So before you learn the backhand swing volley, I recommend you have an understanding of the touch volley, or a basic punch volley. I also recommend you hit this with two hand as apposed to one hand.

So I recommend you hit the backhand swing volley with the eastern backhand grip, or the semi western backhand grip, or whatever grip it is that you use to hit a regular backhand groundstroke.

So an important reason why you want to learn the backhand swing volley is because now days in tennis it’s not enough to have a big forehand side . You want to also really attack your backhand side and your backhand volleys.

So generally there are three different ways you can hit this stroke. First; If the ball is coming slowly you can push off, contact the ball, and land on your outside foot.

Secondly; sometimes you don’t have time to set before you hit the ball, so your hitting the ball on the move, so your running, then contact the ball, and side step back to the center of the court.   Thirdly; Often you have to hit the ball as you move forward, so you jump into it.

There are a few things to remember with this stroke.

Firstly; The lower you drop your racket the more topspin you will be able to produce.  Secondly; You want to keep your shoulders level and just bend your knees.

Thirdly; Closing your racket will also help you with the topspin.

Fourth thing to remember. When your at the net you only have half the time to react as apposed to standing at the baseline , so you want to hit this ball when its coming reasonably slowly, because you want to have time to take your racket back for a big backswing.

Another thing to remember , you want to really put the ball away for a winner, because if the ball comes back quickly your out of position to hit the next stroke.

The backhand swing volley is best hit when the ball is coming around chest area. Its usually hit when your on the service line, or in that area, and you want to remember  to put lost of topspin on the ball, and put it away for a winner.

To summaries: Turn and get your racket back.  Take the racket all the way behind you, so it really loads the top part of your body like a spring. Then your legs are also loaded with your weight on that front foot . As you contact the ball really rotate around to contact the ball,  Landing on the opposite foot.

I recommend also watching the tennis tip on the forehand swing volley.  If you have any questions please email me. Good luck with your tennis.