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Recovery Game

The recovery Game is a game based drill which helps students learn the importance of returning to the middle of the court after each shot


The underpin on the ball makes it cross the net slowly, and bounces up awkwardly making it difficult to reach if your opponents at the baseline.

Return of serve

This video covers, where to stand, What to do when returning first and second serves, and lost more if you play doubles this is the video to watch


Tennis video coaching tips, for the beginner tennis player. Tips on the basic foundations of the serve.


Instructional coaching video, how to hit a Backhand Volley. Tennis Video tips for beginners learning Volleys. Foundations of backhand volley practice tools

Learn to toss the ball to help learn the serve easily - Video tips for beginners

Tennis coaching tips, on how to toss the ball to improve your tennis serve. Tennis video tutorial, for the beginner tennis player. Guaranteed to improve you tennis serve technique, improve your overall tennis game.


To start you want to get the eastern backhand grip. One reason why I recommend this grip is because it places the palm of your hand pushing out onto the ball.

slice serve head room

Pronation is rotating palms down. We need pronation to hit the ball with maximum racket head speed with minimal effort – Pronation allows a faster serve without the wear and tear on your shoulder.

Learn to hit a basic forehand - Video Tips for beginners

The Kick serve is created by tossing the ball up, and over the head, and then hitting it at the 8 or 9o’clock by brushing up, and through the ball toward the 1 of 2 o’clock position.

Serve - Intermediate

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Overhead Smash Beginner tutorial

You can either hit the overhead with an eastern forehand grip, which is great for hitting hard flat overhead smashes. Or you can use the continental grip. This gives you a little bit more wrist snap.

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